The Seasons: Spring

Ah, Spring… The second most popular season amongst our Prep students. Can you smell the flowers blooming? The Spring months are September, October and November.

Spring at the Royal Botanic Gardens

As the weather is warming up, make sure you are getting outside as much as your family can manage. You might like to go on a nature walk to take photos of new life in your garden or local park.

Start thinking about your favourite things to do in Spring, as this will be your last week of writing about the seasons.

This week you can make a pop-up flower.

The Seasons: Autumn

After Summer comes Autumn, which is also sometimes called Fall. The months of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere (where we live) are March, April and May. What do you notice about the trees in this picture?

What activities do you like to do in Autumn? Do you need to wear specific clothes for your Autumn activities?

You might like to make an Autumn water colour picture.

The Seasons: Summer

December, January and February are the three months of Summer. Summer in Australia means Christmas and our long school holidays.

This week, you will be writing about your favourite things to do in Summer. While you are thinking, enjoy this Summer song.

Get creative this week and make a sun collage using the template below and coloured scraps of paper and fabric.