The Paralympic Games

Did you know the Paralympic Games are on? Imagine trying to swim with only one arm or one leg? Could you play tennis or rugby in a wheelchair? If you get the chance, try to watch a little bit of the Paralympics this week. Here’s a video to tell you all about it:

If you like, you could even try these “sporting events” – with a twist!

Activity 1: Seated sock shot put

For the Olympic Games, we asked you to roll a pair of socks up into a ball, and see how far you can throw it. This time, try throwing your sock shot put while sitting in a chair. Is it easier or harder?

Activity 2: Obstacle course – blindfolded!

Just like the last time, use chairs, tables, toys and other furniture to build an obstacle course in your home or backyard. Now see if you can complete the obstacle course blindfolded. Make sure you have someone around to keep you safe!

Activity 3: Build a tower using just one hand

It might be easy for you to build a tower of blocks or LEGO, but can you do it with one arm behind your back? Can you do it blindfolded?