Maths: Fair Share

Learning Intention: To share collections of objects fairly.

Option 1: Let’s fair share!

Cut out the sweets (or use your own!) and share them between 2 people so that everyone has a fair share of the sweets. How many sweets does each person get?

Extension: Can you share the sweets equally between 4 people? How many sweets does each person get?

Option 2: Fair share plates

Using materials such as Lego, buttons or pasta, choose a number of items to share between 2 plates. See what numbers can be shared fairly between the 2 plates. Remember to check that there is the same amount on each one!

Extension: Try sharing different numbers of objects between 4 plates so that each plate has the same amount.

Option 3: Fair share games

Curious George Fair Shares

Fair Shares Activity

Fair Sharing with Peg + Cat