Happy Father’s Day!

This Sunday, 5th September, is Father’s Day. At a time when a lot of us are not able to be with our family members, this Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate not just our dads, but also all the other special people that we might have in our lives, such as grandparents, uncles and aunties, and even our neighbours!

Share this book with someone special:

Treat your dad to breakfast in bed, a paper trophy or bookmark, a handmade card, or all three!

Happy Father’s Day to all our dads, we hope you have a wonderful weekend!

The Paralympic Games

Did you know the Paralympic Games are on? Imagine trying to swim with only one arm or one leg? Could you play tennis or rugby in a wheelchair? If you get the chance, try to watch a little bit of the Paralympics this week. Here’s a video to tell you all about it:

If you like, you could even try these “sporting events” – with a twist!

Activity 1: Seated sock shot put

For the Olympic Games, we asked you to roll a pair of socks up into a ball, and see how far you can throw it. This time, try throwing your sock shot put while sitting in a chair. Is it easier or harder?

Activity 2: Obstacle course – blindfolded!

Just like the last time, use chairs, tables, toys and other furniture to build an obstacle course in your home or backyard. Now see if you can complete the obstacle course blindfolded. Make sure you have someone around to keep you safe!

Activity 3: Build a tower using just one hand

It might be easy for you to build a tower of blocks or LEGO, but can you do it with one arm behind your back? Can you do it blindfolded?

Term 3, Week 7 Fantastic Friday

Did you know it’s Book Week?

The theme for this year is “Old worlds, new worlds, other worlds”.

Each year, schools and public libraries across Australia spend a week celebrating books, and Australian authors and illustrators. 

In 1946 the CBCA established annual book awards to promote children’s books of high literary and artistic quality. These awards are now the most influential and highly respected in Australia.

For more information, visit the Book Week 2021 website.

Listen to these books that have been shortlisted for Book of the Year, and complete one or more fun activities.

1. No! Never!

Activity: No! Never!

2. Ribbit Rabbit Robot

Activity: Ribbit Rabbit Robot

3. This Small Blue Dot

Activity: This Small Blue Dot


Don’t forget to complete your Art, Mandarin, Music and P.E. tasks!

Term 3, Week 6 Fantastic Friday

Did you know it’s National Science Week? The theme for this year is “Food: Different by Design”. For more information, visit the National Science Week 2021 website. You can also try these DIY science experiments at home, or visit the STEM blog for more fun activities.

Activity 1: Lava Lamp

Activity 2: Beautiful Bath Bombs

Activity 3: Pop & Catch

Activity 4: Fancy going on a virtual excursion? Click here for details.

Activity 5: Don’t forget to complete your Art, Mandarin, Music and P.E. tasks.


This week, please go outside and watch the clouds. What do you notice about them? Do they look the same each day?

We will be making cloud pictures in our Webex sessions this week. If you would like to use a template to make your picture, please print this template.

You can also just use a blank piece of card/paper. You will need cotton wool balls and glue.

Here are some other activities for your week:

Activity 1:

Make a cloud diary where you draw or write about the clouds you see each day or at different times of the day.

Here are some words that people use to describe clouds:

Shape: fluffy, cotton ball, wispy, sheets

Colour: grey, white, dark, black

Size: thick, thin, large, small, wide

Activity 2:

Can you match the images of clouds in this memory game?

Term 3, Week 5 Fantastic Friday

Activity 1: Check out these indoor obstacle courses

Activity 2: Create your own indoor obstacle course

Now it’s your turn! See if you can create an indoor obstacle course that you can complete with your family. Draw inspiration from the videos above, or come up with your own amazing ideas.

Once you have built the course, test it out to see if it works. Then invite your family members to have a go. Use a stopwatch to see who can complete the course in the fastest time.

If you like, you can even send your teacher some photos or a video of you doing your obstacle course. Good luck, and be sure to put everything away when you’ve finished with it!

Activity 3:

Don’t forget to complete your Art, Mandarin, Music and P.E. tasks. You can also visit the STEM blog for more fun activities.

The Seasons: Spring

Ah, Spring… The second most popular season amongst our Prep students. Can you smell the flowers blooming? The Spring months are September, October and November.

Spring at the Royal Botanic Gardens

As the weather is warming up, make sure you are getting outside as much as your family can manage. You might like to go on a nature walk to take photos of new life in your garden or local park.

Start thinking about your favourite things to do in Spring, as this will be your last week of writing about the seasons.

This week you can make a pop-up flower.

The Seasons: Autumn

After Summer comes Autumn, which is also sometimes called Fall. The months of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere (where we live) are March, April and May. What do you notice about the trees in this picture?

What activities do you like to do in Autumn? Do you need to wear specific clothes for your Autumn activities?

You might like to make an Autumn water colour picture.