Term 4, Week 1 Picture Prompt

Learning Intention: To write sentences that start with a capital letter, have finger spaces between words, and end with a full stop.

What do you see in this picture? What do you think is happening? Write at least 3 sentences about this picture in your Writing Journals. Remember to use lots of adjectives, and try to sound out the words on your own. Here are some sentence starters to help you:

  • There is a
  • I see a
  • Look at the

Please don’t forget to send your teacher a photo of your work by Friday.

Modelled Writing

Maths: 3D Shapes

Learning Intention: To correctly identify and name 3D shapes.

Option 1:

Colour in the 3D shapes following the colours shown in the key.

Extension: You can also practise reading the names and recognising the different 3D shapes by colouring in the correct words to match the shapes.

Option 2:

Using play dough, make different 3D shapes, paying attention to how many edges, faces (sides) and corners each shape has. If you don’t have play dough but would like to make some, here’s a recipe that you can try.

Option 3:

Monster Mansion – Shape Match

What Are Pronouns?

Pronouns replace a noun in a sentence. For example, “John is going to the park” could become “he is going to the park”.

These are the pronouns that we often see and use:

Activity: Can you fill in the missing pronouns? Choose the correct pronoun for each sentence, and write the sentences in your Writing Journal.