Maths: Location

Learning Intention: To describe the location of an object using simple words.

Listen to this Berenstain Bears story, ‘Bears In The Night’. Can you find all the words the author uses to describe location?

Option 1:

Take a photo of yourself inside or outside your home. See if you can position yourself in any of the following ways:

  • behind
  • above
  • below / beneath / under
  • beside / next to
  • between
  • outside
  • inside
  • on top of
  • through
  • with
  • to the left of
  • to the right of

Remember to send the photo to your teacher by Wednesday!

Option 2:

Hide a small toy in your bedroom or living room. See if you can direct a family member to the location of the toy using just your words.

Option 3:

Can you draw a map of your room? What about a map of your house? You could even hide a small toy in your room and draw a treasure map to help a family member find it!

Term 3, Week 9 Picture Prompt

Learning Intention: To write sentences that start with a capital letter, have finger spaces between words, and end with a full stop.

What do you see in this picture? What do you think is happening? Write at least 3 sentences about this picture in your Writing Journals. Remember to use lots of describing words! Here are some sentence starters to help you:

  • There is a
  • I see a
  • Look at the

Please don’t forget to send your teacher a photo of your work by Friday.

Modelled Writing

My Country

This week, we will look at the relationship and sense of belonging a young girl feels for her Country. We will also explore how rock carvings and paintings show the connection between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and the land.


  • Why did Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples make rock carvings?
  • Why should we all care for the rock carvings?
  • If you could make a rock carving, what animal would you draw?