Maths: Time

Learning Intention: To tell o’clock time.

Option 1:

Play Telling the Time. When prompted, select “Read time to the hour”.

Extension: Try “Read time to the hour and half hour”.

Option 2:

Play Learn to Tell Time.

Option 3:

Using this as a guide, draw a clock on your whiteboard or a piece of paper. Can you fill in the missing numbers?

On the clock that you’ve just drawn, see if you can draw the hands to match each of these times. Remember to pay attention to the long hand and the short hand so they don’t look the same!

Then, see if you can say and write the time on each of these clocks. You can write your answers on a piece of paper or your whiteboard.

Write a Letter to Your Buddy

This week, we are going to write a letter to our Buddies. What should your letter include?

  • The name of your Buddy (please ask your teacher if unsure)
  • Information that you would like to share with your Buddy
  • Your own name so that your Buddy knows whom the letter is from!
  • You can also include a drawing if you wish

Here are some sentence starters to help you get going…

  • Dear _____
  • How are you?
  • How was camp?
  • While in lockdown, I have been ______
  • Guess what I did? I ______
  • I like to ______
  • I hope _______
  • From _______

Don’t forget to send your teacher a photo of your letter so that she can forward it on to your Buddy’s teacher. You will also get to read out your letter to your Buddy when you see them on Friday morning!