Maths: Fair Share

Learning Intention: To share collections of objects fairly.

Option 1: Let’s fair share!

Cut out the sweets (or use your own!) and share them between 2 people so that everyone has a fair share of the sweets. How many sweets does each person get?

Extension: Can you share the sweets equally between 4 people? How many sweets does each person get?

Option 2: Fair share plates

Using materials such as Lego, buttons or pasta, choose a number of items to share between 2 plates. See what numbers can be shared fairly between the 2 plates. Remember to check that there is the same amount on each one!

Extension: Try sharing different numbers of objects between 4 plates so that each plate has the same amount.

Option 3: Fair share games

Curious George Fair Shares

Fair Shares Activity

Fair Sharing with Peg + Cat

Riddles: What Am I?

This week, we are going to try and put everything we’ve learned about nouns, verbs and adjectives together. Look at these riddles:

Now see if you can make one up on your own! It can be about an animal, a thing, a person or even a place.

Write three clues on a piece of paper, and draw your answer below it. Don’t forget to send your riddle to your teacher by Thursday.

Extension: If you would like to challenge yourself, see if you can type out your riddle on the computer and email it to your teacher. You might need to ask mum or dad for help with setting it up!

Adjectives: Part Two

Adjectives are describing words. They describe people, places, animals or things.

Adjectives describe a noun so when you are writing a sentence, the adjective will often sit before the noun. Example: I can smell the fresh flowers. (‘Fresh’ is the adjective.)

Activity 1: Can you find and write down the adjectives in each of these sentences?

Activity 2: Can you fill in the blanks with the right adjective for each animal?


This week, please go outside and watch the clouds. What do you notice about them? Do they look the same each day?

We will be making cloud pictures in our Webex sessions this week. If you would like to use a template to make your picture, please print this template.

You can also just use a blank piece of card/paper. You will need cotton wool balls and glue.

Here are some other activities for your week:

Activity 1:

Make a cloud diary where you draw or write about the clouds you see each day or at different times of the day.

Here are some words that people use to describe clouds:

Shape: fluffy, cotton ball, wispy, sheets

Colour: grey, white, dark, black

Size: thick, thin, large, small, wide

Activity 2:

Can you match the images of clouds in this memory game?