Verbs: Part Two

Verbs are action words. They tell us what is happening. Last week you thought about what animals do and what people do.

Activity 1:

Let’s look at what Mr McGee is up to! Every time you hear a verb, perform the action!

Activity 2:

Do you remember what nouns are? They represent a person, place or thing/animal. See if you can do this verb and noun sorting activity.

The Seasons: Autumn

After Summer comes Autumn, which is also sometimes called Fall. The months of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere (where we live) are March, April and May. What do you notice about the trees in this picture?

What activities do you like to do in Autumn? Do you need to wear specific clothes for your Autumn activities?

You might like to make an Autumn water colour picture.

Term 3, Week 2 Fantastic Friday

Activity 1: Watch the video

Activity 2: Gratitude scavenger hunt

Look around your house and garden to find one item for each of the things on the list below. Record the item on a piece of paper. If you want, you can have a race with a family member to see who can find the things the quickest.

  1. Find something that is your favourite colour. 
  2. Find something that reminds you of your friends. 
  3. Find something that makes you happy. 
  4. Find a gift to make someone else in your family happy. 
  5. Find a thing you love in nature. 
  6. Find something that is helpful or useful. 
  7. Find something that was a gift from someone special. 

Activity 3:

Don’t forget to complete your Art, Mandarin, Music and P.E. tasks! You can also visit the STEM blog for more fun activities.

It’s time for the Olympic Games!

Are you watching the Tokyo Olympic Games on television? Get in the Olympic spirit with these “sporting events” that you can do with your family at home. Ready, set, go!

Activity 1: Sock shot put

Roll a pair of socks into a ball. Standing behind your starting line, see how far you can throw your “sock shot put”!

Activity 2: Long jump

Standing behind your starting line, see how far you can jump and land without falling over. Tip: Swing your arms to help you go further!

Activity 3: Paper plane throw

Watch this video on how to make a paper plane, or you might already have your own design. Standing behind your starting line, try to make your paper plane go as far as possible!

Activity 4: Obstacle course

Using chairs, tables, toys and other furniture, build an obstacle course in your home or backyard. Be creative! Race a family member to see who can complete the obstacle course the fastest.

Activity 5: Balancing contest

How long can you stand on one foot without falling over? Try it with your other foot. Try to do it with your arms crossed. Try it with your eyes closed. Did that make it easier or harder to do?

Term 3, Week 2 Picture Prompt

Learning Intention: To write sentences that start with a capital letter, have finger spaces between words, and end with a full stop.

What do you see in this picture? What are the people doing? What are the animals doing? Write at least 3 sentences about this picture in your Writing Journals, and make sure you’re using lots of verbs! Here are some sentence starters, verb lists and modelled writing sentences to help you:

  • There is a
  • I see a
  • Look at the

What Are Verbs?

Verbs are action words. They show action and explain what we are doing.

Activity 1:

Pick a page in a book or magazine. How many verbs can you find? Write them down on your whiteboard.

Activity 2:

Can you think of at least one verb for each of these animals? Write the verbs down on your whiteboard.

The Seasons: Summer

December, January and February are the three months of Summer. Summer in Australia means Christmas and our long school holidays.

This week, you will be writing about your favourite things to do in Summer. While you are thinking, enjoy this Summer song.

Get creative this week and make a sun collage using the template below and coloured scraps of paper and fabric.

Maths: Heavy and Light

What does heavier mean? What does lighter mean?

We can compare whether objects are heavier or lighter by hefting. Hefting objects means holding an object in each hand and moving them up and down to decide which is heavier.

Activity 1:

Find 5 objects in your home, and order them from heaviest to lightest. Don’t forget to take a photo and send it to your teacher!

Activity 2:

Interactive game: Let’s Compare

Activity 3:

Maths: Days of the Week

Learning Intention: To correctly identify the names and order of the days of the week.

The days of the week are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The weekdays are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday is the weekend.

Option 1: Can you help Adventure Man through the temple? Try this online game.

Maths: Months of the Year

Learning Intention: To correctly identify the names and order of the months of the year.

The months of the year are January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. What month are we in now? What will next month be?

Option 1: Can you help Adventure Man find the treasure? Try this online game.